It is out of passion, rather than necessity, that Caroline Miller is an artist. And a chemist. And a mathematician. In fact, channelling all of her energy into a piece from conception to the final polish is what lights her fire and keeps it burning. 

“Being intimately involved in every stage of the process – from the custom creation of alloys to dreaming up the perfect setting for your unique stone or centrepiece, is what gets me out of bed in the morning,” she says.

“I have always been attracted to natural elements – fire, air, water and earth,” Caroline continues. “I am consumed by metallurgy and mathematics. I let my imagination run wild while I use my hands to sculpt metal into forms that express line, shape, colour, definition and meaning.”

Her work revolves around two distinct techniques – forging and construction. Many of Caroline’s forged pieces are simply aesthetic, while her constructed pieces detail a narrative.

“In my construction I enjoy playing with social concepts. In my forging I like to concentrate on a more traditional definition of jewelry. In a sense my work is a microscopic study of the world we live in. In another sense it is simply part of the world we inhabit.”