The Story


Caroline Miller Jeweller


Caroline Miller has had magpie tendencies since childhood. Always attracted to the bright and shiny and never happy unless her hands are at work, Caroline is a natural maker – whether it’s mixing the perfect alloy, designing small objects, or creating large-scale sculpture.

Where she excels, however, is in custom jewelry design and metalsmithing. From simple forged bracelets to elaborately constructed rings, Caroline has the intuitive ability to create pieces that make a statement. Your statement. Whether you are looking for something quirky and individual that shouts your eccentricities to the world, or something refined and understated that subtly imparts class and elegance, Caroline’s talent lies in her fluidity. Her ability to traverse multiple esthetic terrains sets her apart. 

Caroline embodies contrast, inspired by both the frenetic activity found on slick city streets as much as the tranquil landscapes of ocean, rock and forest found around her home in Squamish, BC. Her choice of materials juxtaposes the precious with the non-precious; silver with gold, brass, copper or bronze; and gemstones with found objects, concrete or plastics like Formica or Plexiglass. As a multi-faceted artist, she finds balance  – and beauty – within geometry, physics, and the techniques of a practised craftswoman to build unique, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that capture the eye as much as the imagination.

Her desire to see and experience beauty has carried her around the world. A perpetual student of life, Caroline has apprenticed as a silversmith in Uruguay, earned a three-year diploma in Jewelry and Small Object Design in the Kootenays, studied coppersmithing in Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico, and is currently studying sculpture at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.