A designer is only as good as their ability to hear what’s in a client’s heart. 

Caroline is a gifted listener, the conduit required for the understated genius that emerges from her work when it comes to customizing pieces for her clients. As she feels into your story, she can foretell a piece, whether it is created anew or reimagined with existing materials such as cherished pieces from the past.

If you are interested in creating something custom, Caroline will work with you to design a piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style of expression, or brings your own ideas to life. 

Imagine how much fun you’ll have choosing your own metals, gems, settings and so much more!


It is out of passion, rather than necessity, that Caroline Miller is an artist. And a chemist. And a mathematician. In fact, channelling all of her energy into a piece from conception to the final polish is what lights her fire and keeps it burning. 

“Being intimately involved in every stage of the process – from the custom creation of alloys to dreaming up the perfect setting for your unique stone or centrepiece.” – Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller Custom