Bolo Hematite Necklace

The Bolo Necklace is inspired from a traditional western bolo tie. The necklace is made of a heat treated hematite wchich is teal in colour. The stones are shiny and faceted which creates glitz and sparkle to an outfit. The metalwork on the necklace is a combination of sterling silver,  14k gold filled accent rings and a bronze dangle pendulum. 

It can be worn with the pendulum dangle hanging either from the front or the back of an outfit. or can be extended to full length and worn asymmetrically to offset and flatter any neckline. The clasp is handmade and is designed for comfort, security and easy of use with this necklace. 

Materials: Colour treated hematite, sterling silver, 14k gold-filled rings, bronze pendulum.

Size: The necklace can be extended from 18'- 24" 

Handmade by Caroline Miller in her studio in Squamish, BC

  • $155.00